24 Jun
What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the hottest trends in marketing at the moment, because if you create the right content, you can get a lot of value for your business without spending a lot of money. It is very different from traditional marketing and promotion. Read my definition of content marketing here.

What is content marketing? Content marketing doesn't look like traditional marketing, and it does not necessarily use promotion as a part of its visual strategy, so it doesn’t look like a commercial for your business. By creating some good content, you make people share it online because you solve a problem or provide useful information for a certain segment. 

There is a lot of debate on, what exactly content marketing is, and also “what is good content marketing”. It can be hard to track the value of it, but everything about your general marketing gets easier if you have good content. 

Content marketing creates a strong brand

As I stated in my definition, content marketing helps your target-group to solve a certain problem or provide them with interesting or useful knowledge. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create good content, but it will usually also last for a long time compared to a commercial on a billboard if you only use it one time. 

If you use a lot of time to create some good content, which has something to do with your business core competencies you can use it in all your marketing and to define your brand. 

For example the other day, I was searching for some new magnets for our office. When I google something like that, I sometimes also search for more information than just buying regular magnets. I found a blog on https://magnetpartner.com and they had a lot of suggestions to DIY-projects.

So, I shared their website with my colleagues on our workspace chat. This was because they provided some extra cool information about magnets I could use. They did it with a blog, where I used a lot of time, just reading about magnets.
They could also have used YouTube or SoMe to make content marketing, which they probably also do, but if you provide some content that people find interesting enough to share, it is good content marketing. 

So, when you use a lot of time to describe or create something that can be used in your whole strategic marketing campaign, it actually helps you create a stronger brand, and the value of good content will last much longer than buying adds that will disappear when you stop paying your bureau. 

So think about this, the next time you have to figure out, what to use your marketing-budget on.